Today we’re launching Welcome Home to Windows Phone with Mark/Space!

Welcome Home to Windows Phone Helps You Seamlessly Transfer the Following Data to Windows Phone:

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Apps

Wait. Did you say transfer apps?

Yes. Yes we did.

Doesn’t matter if it’s iOS, Android, or Blackberry–Quixey makes it possible to transfer apps to Windows Phone from all platforms. For as long as smartphones have been around, users have consistently shied away from switching platforms even years after settling on their first device. OS competitors innovate, new phones entice users to switch, and yet…transferring their personal information has always been frustratingly difficult. Jetting over contacts and media are one thing, but the main issue holding people back stems from a lack of support in transferring apps. Understandably, users want to know they’ll retain the same functionality if they’re making a big switch. Quixey’s app recommendations in Welcome Home to Windows Phone are the first solution to give them that peace of mind.

For the first time, users can transfer the most important aspect of their smartphones – apps. Whether it’s apps that keep you organized (Evernote), apps that keep you unorganized (Doodle Jump), or any app in between, each one plays a role in customizing the smartphone experience. Quixey’s recommendations help users maintain that functionality in the switch to Windows Phone.

With about 100,000 apps available, Windows provides an expansive ecosystem made immediately accessible through Quixey’s app recommendations. Once Welcome Home to Windows Phone is installed onto the computer, users plug in their smartphone through a USB port and follow the simple steps to transfer their data. The software will recognize apps currently installed on the phone, and then find the exact match or a recommendation for a similar app on Windows Phone. After following the software’s quick prompts, users are ready to transfer all their personal preferences onto their new Windows Phone! The software is now available for immediate download at

Think about E.T. for a second. “E.T. phone home” right? Well, E.T. is the apps, “phone” is Quixey, and home is your new phone. Welcome Home to Windows Phone.