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One hundred and six… One hundred and seven … One hundred and eight …

We all know how to do a push-up and a crunch, but how do we motivate ourselves to go to the gym? Today, mobile apps are enhancing the fitness industry by providing motivation and rewards for exercising.

As part of our Life-Changing Apps series, we profile three apps that make us want to work out.


Need extra motivation to go to the gym? Well, you’re in luck. GymPact pays you to the gym. When you first sign up, you enter your credit card information and you make a pact with yourself. If you miss a day at the gym, you pay. The minimum payment for a missed day at the gym is $5. If you do follow your pact, you receive money via Paypal from the pool paid by the non-exercisers!


Ever wanted a personal trainer but didn’t want to pay a ridiculous price? With FitnessBuilder, you get access to a live personal trainer and exercise physiologist. As if that isn’t awesome enough, you also have access to a library of over 750+ handcrafted workouts designed by fitness trainers. The workouts are designed with a particular goal in mind. You want a six-pack? No problem. Just pull up the appropriate videos, track your progress and ask a trainer any questions you have.


Next, there’s Nexercise. This app “gamifies” working out by rewarding you with points for every 15 minutes of working out. The points are redeemable for prizes. Not only do you get rewarded for going to the gym, you also get points for getting your lazy friends off the couch and to the gym.

Now that you’ve finished reading this post, we hope you get out of your chair, try a fitness app and hit the gym!

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