Quixey Challenge: $100 for a 1-Minute Coding Puzzle

October 3rd, 2011 | Posted by Quixey in Technology

We hire engineers who think in algorithms, dream in code, and eat control structures for breakfast (e.g. Froot Loops). We’re looking for people with a sixth sense for good code – people who can fix bugs with their mind. So today, we’re introducing the Quixey Challenge.

The Quixey Challenge
We show you a famous algorithm with a bug, you fix it in 1 minute or less.

The Prize

If you successfully complete the challenge, we’ll send you

  1. $100
  2. An exclusive “founder’s edition” Quixey T-shirt

Not bad for 1 minute!

Ground Rules

  1. The algorithm will be implemented as a Python function.
  2. The function will not have a syntax error.
  3. The function won’t always return the correct thing.
  4. It will be possible to make the function return the correct thing either by adding one line of code, or by modifying one line of code.

Test Drive



  1. Tom McCabe
  2. Mathijs Vogelzang
  3. Zachary Travis
  4. Andy Terrel
  5. Zack Bloom
  6. Tanooj Luthra
  7. Dylan Lukes
  8. Felipe Restrepo
  9. David Bieber
  10. Jacob Hurwitz
  11. Mark Vitale
  12. Karl-Aksel Puulmann
  13. Arjun Comar
  14. Anand Oza
  15. Shawn Park

How to Play

Got a minute? Just send an IM to Skype user quixeychallenge. We’ll be monitoring that account today (Monday, October 10) from 7am to 7pm PDT. Good luck!

*Update: Due to the success of the Quixey Challenge, we created quixeychallenge.com, where you can complete practice questions and qualify for upcoming challenges.

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