Life-Changing Apps: The Food We Eat

September 10th, 2011 | Posted by Quixey in App Trends | Life-Changing Apps

The food industry is due for an upgrade and plenty of app developers are coming up with creative solutions.

As part of our “Life-Changing Apps” series we decided to profile the innovative work of app developers and how their work is changing the way we eat. Within just a few years, we’ve seen incredible apps that do everything from analyzing the nutritional value of a product by scanning the barcode to apps that can analyze food through a smartphone photo. And, of course, apps finally exist to help you track down the elusive taco trucks.

Ultimately, all apps are designed to make your life better and to help you solve your every day problems. The apps featured below change the way we eat and help us make better choices.


If you’ve ever found yourself standing in a grocery store comparing products and gleaning little details from the nutrition label there’s finally a solution. Fooducate solves the problem of not knowing what to buy at the grocery store simply by scanning barcodes with your smartphone. It is one of the many apps that leverage barcode data to help you engage with products. With Fooducate, you simply scan a UPC barcode and the app gives you the product information, health ratings, product alternatives and allows you to compare products.

Meal Snap

When we go out to eat it can be hard to keep track of how healthy our meals really are. And if you’ve ever faced the mystery of “what exactly is there in my lunch” there may be a solution that is just a picture away.
Luckily Meal Snap makes it simple to learn what you are eating using the technology already in your pocket. Simply take a photo of your food with your smartphone and Meal Snap will auto-magically detect the nutritional and caloric breakdown. But it doesn’t stop there –  it calculates estimated total calorie counts for each meal and categorizes your food choices into breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, for those who love sharing what you ate, there are plenty of social media sharing options integrated with the app.

Eat St.

Food trucks have been around since the 1800s. Over the past few years we’ve seen a resurgence in interest and nostalgia for the old fashioned food trucks. Now we even have reality TV shows dedicated to food trucks and social media has helped to rebuild their popularity. Food trucks started tweeting, offering check-in deals and making themselves into gourmet destinations.

With all this growth in roaming restaurants a new app, Eat St., has emerged. It helps you find the food trucks and carts in your area of all different food types. The app works by having vendors and users place food trucks on the map and crowd-sourced information from the food truck fans. This app works best in cities with stationary food carts but Eat St. is continuously building and improving their database and adding include new features.
These are just a few of the ways apps have changed the way we eat. We hope you try out some of these apps, they will make your life better and help you live a bit healthier — even at the taco truck.
Share some of your favorite healthy/foodie apps in the comments below.

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